Our team of professional storage specialists recommend the following suggestions and storage tips to make your storage experience as efficient and convenient as possible:


  • Use valuable storage space inside drawers and appliances to store smaller or delicate items.
  • Label boxes on all sides. Make an inventory list of your items and keep it at home.
  • When packing smaller items, fill boxes completely and stuff open areas with plain newsprint to prevent them from collapsing when stacked.
  • Do not store anything combustible (like paint/chemicals/gas) or perishable. Drain all remaining gasoline from lawn equipment, power tools, etc.
  • Wrap your furniture with bubble wrap or furniture covers to protect against dust and scratches.


  • Plan your storage space. Put the items you will need to access more often in the front.
  • Use a uniform box size for easier stacking.
  • Cover mattresses and store them on flat surfaces.
  • Check to see if items can be broken down. For example, take the legs off your table.
  • Store large furniture (e.g. sofas) on end to save space.
  • Stack light and/or fragile boxes on top of heavier boxes.
  • Consider storing boxes on wooden pallets or boards.
  • Always use high quality locks on your unit.

For your convenience, Sentinel Self Storage locations are equipped with a wide variety of boxes and packing supplies all at low prices!

You are also always welcome to call or come in to discuss your unique storage needs with one of our professional storage team members. They are available and ready to give you an expert unit size calculation and to help you determine which of our locations in Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey is the most convenient for you.